5 Practical Ways to Build Your Resilience

5 Practical Ways to Build Your Resilience

There's a lot of talk about resiliency and quite frankly it's a hot topic for a reason. It's been about two years that we've all been watching our entire world display major resilience due to the current pandemic.

To bring things home for us, resilience has helped our CEO, Soliel Lindsey, create Sol Rise Essentials. It's also carried her throughout life in order to get to the point of starting a business at all.

It wasn't until the year 2015, sitting in an Integrative Doctor's office looking to find a new approach to wellness that the word had ever been used to describe her. After our CEO shared her story, the Doctor stared and simply said "You are very resilient." That's when it clicked, so many of us go throughout life's hurdles and never even think about them being events that should have made us want to give up. Some people simply keep going. That is at the core of what being resilient means; the ability to be flexible; to bounce back, to bend but not break.

Because everyone is wired differently, some people really struggle with resiliency and often give up. For example, they may begin to navigate throughout the world with a negative perspective. They forget to truly live and settle for simply existing and are always waiting for "the other shoe to drop". If you have been or happen to be this person currently, we want to offer some tips to begin reshaping your wellness journey. 

Here are 5 ways to build resilience:

Even if it's just one person, let someone know what you're feeling or experiencing. Safe people help some of the strongest people we know adapt to tough situations. Even if you can only find an online community of people dealing with the same hardship that you are, that counts as well. Some of us are not as fortunate to have someone physically to call or reach out to in a time of need. Please don't withstand life alone. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to shape our own support systems.

Many tend to lose their zeal to learn after formal schooling. However, choosing to learn about a topic that you're experiencing helps to shift your internal dialogue and understanding. It also has the ability to empower you so that you don't feel so defeated by what you're going through. You can "name the thing" so that it doesn't own or define you. Self education also opens us up to the realization that we are never truly alone even when it feels like it. 

Some of us are way better at showing up for others the way that we should show up for ourselves. Just like that feeling you get when you volunteer with a local organization, giving a voice to or for other people provides a comforting reminder that circumstances can get better for us, too. Especially when we know that there are others fighting for us and for the same cause as us.

Self confidence and courageousness teach us to trust ourselves. This is particularly powerful if by chance you happen to blame yourself for your hardships. Trying a new thing could look like taking a trip alone, learning a new skill, finding a new hobby, or checking off a bucket list item. The confidence that you gain from doing something new is unmatched! No one is saying that you have to be really amazing or the best at the new "thing". The fact that you put your mind to even trying it in the first place is where the magic is!

This can look like asking yourself, "Did this happen to me or for me?" Sometimes situations come to disrupt our current patterns and offer us a new way of viewing life, people and circumstances that we otherwise would have never had, had the "thing" not happened to us. Rewriting our personal narrative also has a powerful affect on the brain and how we handle emotional triggers. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a Neuroscientist and talks about this often in regards to healing our brains. Check her out!


We are not trained professionals but we want to see you well and give you practical tools that we practice or research to help you thrive. On a scale from 1 to 10, how resilient would you say you are?

P.S: Be sure to always research to choose what’s right for you. Stay well, SolTribe Family. If you enjoyed this blog, let us know by commenting!

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