Behind Sol Rise Essentials

Our Why

Sol Rise Essentials is a family brand based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. We offer mental wellness & affirmation apparel, jewelry, and accessories for resilient humans on the grow. Via our merch and community, we empower you to thrive on your best days and those in between!

The SolTribe Family is you; it's us. The ones who endure but push through, pray, rest, and then rise again after life's hardships. We keep each other lifted when we need a reminder of who and whose we are. We don't do what we do solely for ourselves - we do it for the betterment of our families, our communities, and ultimately the world.

Let's transform it by transforming us first.

Our Values

WELLNESS: We serve others best when we operate out of total wellness and care for ourselves first.

CONNECTION: Community and shared experiences remind us that we are better together and never alone.

STEWARDSHIP: We honor our stories and share them to inspire and assist others on their journey. We own what is ours to give - responsibly.

AUTHENTICITY: We dig deep to reconnect with ourselves, accept our humanity, and share it in safe spaces.

TRUTH: We value doing our personal work and that of the world in truth and integrity. We understand that true healing can take place when the truth is told out-loud and in love.

Meet The Owner!

Soliél (so-lay) Lindsey, is no stranger to life's ebbs and flows. She has learned to take adversity and use it to propel her to grow and lift others along with her. She started her wellness journey at just 19 years old after experiencing anger, abandonment, homelessness, The School To Prison Pipeline, poor mental health bouts, and more.

Soliél is now a thriving Mother, Speaker, and business owner who is intentional about her life's "purpose work". She is also a fraternal twin who loves to learn about Psychology and have soul-fulling conversations. In her spare time, you can catch her loud talking and laughing with loved ones or dancing with friends regardless of who is watching. Sol Rise Essentials allows Soliél to live out her life's purpose; helping others actualize their personal power to reach their full potential via their healing and wellness journeys.

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