5 Easy Ways to Recenter Your Mind

5 Easy Ways to Recenter Your Mind

SolTribe Family,

As you know, here at Sol Rise Essentials®, we care about your total wellness. One way we make that known is by offering you positive, mental health apparel to remind you of the innate power that you possess to thrive.

Another way we do that is by offering you wellness resources to consider for your journey. There are a lot of distractions vying for the attention of our minds. Below are a few tips that we've implemented to help recenter our minds when they seem to get off track.

Try one of these quick methods when you’re feeling off center:

1. PAUSE & UNPLUG: the internet can be a fun place or a wild jungle. Sometimes you have to reset and get in touch with how you feel and not what you’re being told to feel. Your eyes and mind will thank you.

2. GET BACK TO NATURE: as simple as it sounds, it’s truly one of the best ways to get back in touch with yourself. The elements have a way of reminding us of this miraculous gift of life that we’ve been given and it’s important that we don’t take them for granted. The wind blows to cool us and it reminds us that we’re cared for. The sun shines and reminds us of the warmth we all need.

3. GROUNDING: while you’re out in nature, ditch the shoes for a bit! On the walk to your mailbox or just out in your yard, feeling the Earth and grass under your toes may seem weird at first but it has positive affects on your mind & body. It’s like an instant recharge! Try it out!

4. JOURNAL: it doesn’t have to be long or even make sense. Years ago in therapy, we learned the technique of taking a sheet of paper and when intruding thoughts pop up, you literally write them down. Those negative thoughts are literally leaving your mind and going on paper. Rip it up, ball it up… whatever you need to do but it’s a physical representation of the thoughts being evicted from your mind - it really works! (You can purchase our mental health journal here!)

5. MEDITATION: be still. We hear it all the time (which is good) but learning to be still intentionally has been proven to help you recenter your body and mind. We could write all day about the many benefits of meditation but for the sake of staying on topic, we will just remind you that you’ve got the power even if you’re one of the ones who falls asleep while meditating. HA! Insight Timer is one of our all time favorite apps and finally helped us become better at meditation.

We are not trained professionals but we want to see you well and give you practical tools that we practice or research to help you thrive. Do you already practice any of these wellness techniques? Let us know which ones and why you love it!

P.S: Be sure to always advocate for yourself by researching to choose what’s right for you. Stay well, SolTribe. If you enjoyed this blog, let us know!

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