Can you feel our excitement?! 

WOW! What. A. YEAR.

We have learned and experienced so much. This is a small feat to some but to us it means everything. We are a small, Black woman owned business also ran by a single parent. We are also still experiencing a global pandemic. That is no small feat here!

We are so blessed and grateful to have the support of you and the rest of the SolTribe Family. To read your reviews, hear your personal stories, and meet you at pop up events fills us up each time we experience it. Your stories, journeys and triumphs are what Sol Rise Essentials is all about.

We exist to help your soul rise again after life's inevitable obstacles. We empower you to thrive on your best days and in between. We also want you to look good while doing so because we know when you look good, you feel good! (You know mental health is the most important too, right?)

THANK YOU - for simply existing and for allowing us to serve you while we all help make the world a little better.

Yes, it's our special day but of course we have a surprise for you too.

We curated a special playlist just for you when you need a 'pick me up'. Check it out here and let us know what you think! We hope it helps lift your mood when you need it most. Remember, the SolTribe is listening with you and always has your back - near and far.

Also, check out the SolTribe Vibes playlist on Youtube if you don't have Spotify.


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