It's our 2 YEAR anniversary!

It's our 2 YEAR anniversary!

Wow, SolTribe Family! 

Here we are another year - 2 to be exact. Time truly does fly, especially when you're having fun! We've grown to nearly 500 customers and over 600+ sales! As a small business, this truly means the world to see Sol Rise Essentials® grow in the way that it has.


A few notable milestones:

- We are now TRADEMARKED! Call us Sol Rise Essentials® now! Don't forget the "R"!

- Our CEO added another revenue stream to the business as a public and motivational speaker and gave her very first commencement speech at a high school in Richmond, VA!

- Our CEO was featured on the Nasdaq Marketsite Tower in Times Square in New York City, Check it out here at time marker 1:00!

- We rebranded and cleaned up our brand identity a bit. Our goal is to have a cohesive feel and also spark joy and inspiration in all who encounter our brand!


There are so many more amazing things that were achieved this past year so we'd be here all day catching you up to speed. Sign up for our email list and follow us on social so you never miss a beat!


Thank you for your continued support and for helping us build a global community of resilient humans on the grow. Keep shining your light AND a light on mental health


Learn more about and shop Sol Rise Essentials® here: (mental health apparel and merch)

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