Check out our new SolTribe Vibes playlist!

Check out our new SolTribe Vibes playlist!

Music is the backdrop and soundtrack to life. We're sure you've heard that before, right?

Here at Sol Rise Essentials, we believe in total wellness and that absolutely includes what we consume. That includes music but isn't limited to it. In honoring one of our values - wellness - we created a playlist for the SolTribe family.

It's giving good, 'pick me up', clean the house, riding to work, self love and positive affirmations vibes. ALL. THE. THINGS. We understand how powerful the vibration of music is so we made sure to include songs that make you feel good about yourself when you need it most. Sing the lyrics out loud or to yourself (even the love songs)!

Check out our SolTribe Vibes playlist on Spotify & Youtube! Be sure to leave a heart on the Spotify playlist to let us know you enjoyed it! Got a song request? Shoot it our way in our DMs or email us!

You deserve to feel amazing on your best days and in between. Let the music take you away for a bit. Enjoy!



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